A single dashboard to keep track of your

Efficiently manage your processes and keep track of your visitors within your community

Smart X Dashboard
Community Directory

Maintaining an updated directory of residents, guest, properties, and staffs within your community.

Financial Management

Handling dues, fees, fines, and expenses with proper accounting for your community just got easier.

Emergency Response

Smart X provides you with tools and protocols for handling emergencies and communicating urgent information to residents.

Empowering Communities,
One Feature at a Time

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Create Visit

Seamlessly schedule immediately or future visits, whether they're one-time or reoccurring, ensuring community coordination and convenience.


Community Guide

Residents can effortlessly discover key spots within the community, ensuring newcomers smoothly familiarize themselves with their surroundings.



Effortlessly retrieve historical guest records within your estate, offices, and service apartments, ensuring convenient access to past visit information whenever you need it.



With a simple click, residents can swiftly report emergencies and receive assistance, ensuring peace of mind and smooth crisis management.


Payment Manager

Simplify payment through automated processes. Smart X solution also facilitates accurate invoicing, streamlining your financial management effortlessly.


Push Notification

Deliver vital information directly to residents via clickable pop-up notifications, ensuring they stay informed in real-time without missing out on crucial updates.

Ready to elevate your community experience?

Our community management system was developed with the goal of putting user convenience first and smoothly bridging the gaps between essential activities and daily needs.

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