Track, Analyze and Optimize
Every Journey.

Whether you're a logistics company, a transport provider, or a business managing a fleet, end the need to wonder where your vehicles are. Our real-time tracking puts you in control, providing instant visibility into your fleet's location.

Smart X Dashboard
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GPS Tracking

Our integrated GPS tracking device allows you to keep track of where your fleet is in real-time. You also get information on distance traveled, speed, route, and trips completed.

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GEO Fencing

Set up boundaries around specific areas and get alerted when either of your fleets enters or exits the geo-fenced area. The software also alerts the driver.

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Get up to date information on vehicle maintenance requirements automatically via SMS or Email. Evaluate drivers performance for effective decision making.

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Keep track of all necessary maintenance and vital travels at all times. To save time and money, schedule car maintenance, and receive alerts when maintenance is due.

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Safety & Compliance

Monitor drivers behaviour, track driving hours and violations, and receives alerts when a driver exceeds speed limit or engages in unsafe driving practices.

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Theft Protection

It protects your fleet from unauthorized access and usage. Remotely immobilize your fleet preventing it from moving in case of theft and get GPS information for vehicle recovery.


Gain actionable insights into driver behaviour and maintain a clear view of your fleet activity with our AI-powered dash cam. It identifies risky maneuvers and captures high-quality video providing clear and undeniable evidence in case of incidents. Securely access footage anytime, anywhere from the cloud.

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Maximize productivity, optimize routes, gain driver insights, and promote transparency – all with our fleet management system.

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